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Virtual Reality

DEKRA Spill Prevention Training with VR

With the help of VR, DEKRA can offer its customers a form of preparation that is difficult or even impossible to simulate in reality – for example, when transporting hazardous goods.

DEKRA Virtual Reality Training

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VR training on petrol station supply and tank truck logistics

Special Feature?

Training for difficult or impossible to simulate situations



DEKRA is one of the world's leading inspection organizations. Their broad service portfolio with qualified and independent expert services ranges from vehicle inspections and appraisals to damage services, industrial and building inspections, safety consulting, testing and certification of products and systems, training and temporary work.

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Reduce follow-up costs

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Better training conditions

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Long term collaboration

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The Challenge

Time-consuming Tap Closures

When transporting mineral or heating oil, product leakage and mixing are among the most serious process errors. Extensive blocking of dispensing facilities and pumping out of vehicles are expensive consequences. Training to avoid such errors has been difficult until now because the errors can hardly be simulated in reality.

VR Occupational safety training for DEKRA

Our Solution

At the beginning of 2020, DEKRA will present its first Virtual Reality Training on petrol station supply and tanker logistics, which was created with the learning platform 3spin Learning.

VR Occupational safety training for DEKRA

Augmented Reality Addition

An additional Augmented Reality measure for the operational support of the drivers by means of smartglasses is already being planned.


The Success

Intensive Procedure Preparation

In the future, the technologies will support the participants involved to be prepared in the best possible way for the correct procedures and the most significant sources of error (VR) or to reliably recall the previously procedurally learned work steps during execution (AR).

Long-term Collaboration

The training program marks the start of VR and AR in the DEKRA Group.

VR Occupational safety training for DEKRA

Better Learning Results With 3spin Learning

Preparation for situations that are difficult or impossible to simulate in reality

Reduce follow-up costs

Long-term cooperation

Can be repeated at any time

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