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No-code All-In-One Solution

Enabling Anyone To Build VR & AR Training Courses

Create, manage, and publish unique VR & AR experiences all from one central location on a collaborative, cloud-based learning platform.

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VR Software
Create, Manage and Conduct VR & AR Courses Yourself

Create Outperforming VR & AR Courses Without Code

We developed our 3spin Learning Platform with all employees in your organization in mind - not just developers. Our authoring tool's clear user interface and intuitive usability ensure quick integration and acceptance by your teams.

  • Creation

  • Administration

  • Deployment

VR Training Feature

Create your VR & AR training without programming knowledge directly in the browser with our authoring tool.

VR Administration

Assign VR & AR training courses to your learners and distribute them to any number of devices worldwide.

VR Training

Enable students to virtually join courses via VR glasses or PC regardless of location and measure learning successes.

VR & AR Benefits

Key Benefits Of Our VR & AR Technology

Ready to take on the entire development of your VR & AR training from creation to deployment without programming? Then get started with our unique authoring tool to easily create and distribute learning content yourself.

VR Benefits



Less costs per course

€ 1 Mill.+

Fewer technology follow-up costs


Faster time-to-competence

VR Features Benefits
VR Training Features

5 Easy Steps To Your Own VR & AR Training

Create your own VR & AR training in a builder's kit like a PowerPoint presentation or let us build a custom version for you.

Build Your Own Customized Content

 Affordable VR & AR Training With The Right Features

Our rich feature set ensures easy creation, distribution, and delivery of engaging immersive experiences.
Our Top Features


Helper Companion

Our easily configurable virtual companion guides learners through training courses and supports independent learning.


Success Report

Our easily configurable virtual companion guides learners through training courses and supports independent learning.


Learn Together

Learners can virtually join courses, regardless of their location, and participate in the same training course.
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If so, we can show you our features, packages, and services in a live demo and demonstrate how 3spin Learning or one of our certified partners can help you create unique and memorable VR & AR training experiences.

Our Services

Thanks to our many years of collaboration in the field of VR & AR with internationally renowned clients such as Lufthansa, DEKRA, and E.ON, we know how to develop state-of-the-art virtual solutions and implement immersive training programs quickly and effectively.
VR Services

VR Trainings By Us

With us, all processes are taken care of.

Customized Content
VR Starter Package

VR Starter Package

Create your own VR & AR trainings without code.

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VR Feature

VR & AR Features

Authoring tool with a wide range of features.

Our Top Features

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As "Software-as-a-Service ", 3spin Learning offers the right solution for every use case. This allows an easy and cost-effective start. In our FAQs, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Virtual Reality services offered by 3spin Learning.
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