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No-code All-In-One Solution

Enabling Anyone To Build VR / AR & AI Training Courses

Would you like to create, manage, and publish unique VR / AR & AI experiences? Then our collaborative, cloud-based learning platform is for you.

VR Features
Easy, Efficient, Successful

Create Custom VR / AR  AI Training with Just a Few Clicks and No Code Required

PowerPoint-like editing for you, us, and your eLearning agency. Don't pay for expensive programming anymore.

Create VR Training

Creative Freedom without Technological Constraints

Your entire Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as AI workflow on a single platform: discover our wide range of possibilities beyond authoring for unique learning content.

  • Optional Headset

  • Multi-Learner Courses

  • Rollout & Updates

  • LMS Integration

  • AI Dialogue

  • Trainer Controls

  • Success Reports

With & Without Headset

Runs on all major headsets and even on desktop PCs, making your courses instantly scalable to hundreds of learners.

VR Desktop Mode

Courses for Multiple Learners

Learners can train together in virtual environments while being in different locations, saving travel costs.

VR Learning Together

Instant Rollout & Updates

Course updates are instantly available everywhere. No manual re-installation like with many programmed apps.

VR Administration

LMS Integration

Courses and learners can be managed in your LMS via the xAPI standard. VR & AR become part of your blended learning.

LMS Implementation

AI Dialogue

Learners can have authentic dialogues with an AI that guides them through courses – with almost zero effort for authors.

VR Feature Helper-Companion

Trainer Controls

Trainers can guide learners via headset or PC, or even remote control and change training environments and situations.

VR Observer-Mode

Success Reports

Configurable training objectives can be tracked to provide feedback and insights for learners and managers.

VR Success Reports

VR / AR & AI Courses Within 2 Days Without Any Coding

With our no-code editor, you instantly make your learning content accessible to thousands of learners worldwide.

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Simple, fast, and compatible with the most popular headsets from Meta, PICO XR, HTC VIVE, Microsoft & Webbrowser

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Integration in LMS such as Cornerstone OnDemand, SAP SuccessFactors, Moodle, Docebo and many others via xAPI

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Personalized Ready Player Me avatars and AI characters with OpenAI integration

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Ready-to-use multi-user operation


Create Your Own VR / AR & AI Training in Just a few Steps

Create your own VR / AR & AI training in a builder's kit like a PowerPoint presentation or let us build a custom version for you.

Build Your Own Customized Content

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If so, we can show you our features, packages, and services in a live demo and demonstrate how 3spin Learning or one of our certified partners can help you create unique and memorable VR & AR training experiences.

 Affordable VR & AR Training With The Right Features

Our rich feature set ensures easy creation, distribution, and delivery of engaging immersive experiences. 

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