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Lufthansa Visual Flight Rules 360-Degree Training

With 360-degree & VR, Lufthansa Aviation Training managed to increase the performance of pilot students by 15% (evaluated at the Technical University of Berlin).

Lufthansa Aviation VR Training

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Who For?

Aspiring pilots


Full cross-country flight in VR

Special Feature?

Hazard simulation and direct feedback



Lufthansa Aviation Training is one of the leading providers of flight training in Europe, with 12 training locations and a customer portfolio of more than 200 airlines. Lufthansa Group airlines and other internationally renowned airlines trust in Lufthansa's comprehensive competence in the training and further education of cockpit and cabin crews.

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Cross-site training

15 %

Performance improvement

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Training for all


Cabin Crew

The Challenge

Visual Flight Rules Training

In aviation training, what matters most is practical experience. However, real aircraft and flight simulators are not available at all times, places and quantities. The first cross-country flights according to the so-called "Visual Flight Rules" (VFR) - where you fly according to waypoints instead of instruments are therefore particularly demanding for the student pilots.
Lufthansa VR Pilot Training

How To Use Our First Mobile VR Training Solution

In cooperation with Lufthansa Aviation Training, we developed the first mobile VR training for "VFR" basic training, which is conducted in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lufthansa VR Pilot Training

First Flight Lesson

Using VR glasses, trainee pilots complete a full cross-country flight before their first flying lesson. By using their vision, they can identify waypoints and receive automatic feedback.

In addition, numerous dangerous situations are also simulated.


The Success

Measurable Performance Improvement

Researchers at the Department of Psychology at the University of Berlin monitored and evaluated the training and showed that training led to a measurable increase in performance of 15%.

Cost Saving

The app enables the training to be carried out anywhere and as often as desired at low cost.

Lufthansa VR Pilot Training

Better Learning Results With 3spin Learning

15% performance increase

Immediate feedback

Making learning success measurable

Can be repeated at any time

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