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Virtual Reality

DEKRA Fire Alarm System Training with VR Training

DEKRA Automobil GmbH uses its fire alarm system training via Virtual Reality to provide more sustainable training for its trainees to become testing experts, allowing them to repeat and modify the training as often as they wish.


Success Story

Who For?

Final examinations for testing experts


Fire alarm system training

Special Feature?

Being independent of the availability of real buildings



DEKRA ranks among the world's leading expert organizations. Their broad service portfolio with qualified and independent expert services ranges from vehicle inspections and appraisals to damage services, industrial and building inspections, safety consulting, testing and certification of products and systems, training and temporary work.


Success rates in final examinations

1 x

More frequent learning

1 x

Connecting theory and skills

1 x

Adjustable training intensity

The Challenge

High Failure Rate

As part of preventive fire protection, fire alarm systems must be regularly inspected by testing experts. The qualification as a testing expert can be considered a great challenge, as the final examinations at the respective chambers of engineers place great demands on the trainees in terms of theory and practice. Often, classroom training for the theory and a mentor/mentee principle in a real customer assignment failed to prepare adequately for these examinations, resulting in high failure rates.

DEKRA VR Training

Our Solution

With the help of our 3spin Learning Platform, we integrated an additional teaching-learning method into the training.

DEKRA VR Training

First Practical Experience

Trainees can gain their first practical experience outside of a real testing assignment at the customer's premises in the company of a recognised testing expert, while being guided by experienced trainers during the VR test. The intensity of the training can be varied according to the trainee's level of knowledge and can be repeated as often as desired.

The Success

Higher Success Rates in Final Examinations

As a new additional teaching-learning method, DEKRA's VR training for fire alarm systems provides a link between theory (knowledge transfer) and the mentor/mentee principle (skills). This training boosts the quality of their courses while achieving significantly higher learning successes.

Better Learning Outcomes

As a result, success rates in the final examinations to become an inspection expert at the respective chambers of engineers have increased.

DEKRA VR Training

Better Learning Results With 3spin Learning

Higher quality training

Significantly higher learning outcomes

Regardless to the availability of real buildings

Can be repeated at any time

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