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Visionary Education Provider – How VR Shapes the Future of Education

BNW (Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft) has been focussing on learning with Virtual Reality since 2019. The company has partnered with 3spin Learning to create completely new learning experiences.

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Success Story

Who For?

Vocational qualifications, language and integration courses, occupational rehabilitation and career entry counselling


Modern teaching and learning methods with a high level of learner experience

Special Feature?

Hands-on learning experience



BNW is one of the largest education and training institutions in Lower Saxony in Germany that understands business and makes an important contribution to securing Lower Saxony as a business location with its future-orientated learning solutions. BNW has been a partner in learning and development processes for over 50 years.







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The Challenge

BNW began integrating Virtual Reality into its training programs back in 2019. Since then, it has developed into a training provider with innovative learning solutions. During the coronavirus lockdowns, many training courses were then converted to online teaching. However, BNW stuck to its digital strategy, continued to work on VR learning solutions and adapted its technology requirements for its educational programs.
Challenges included not only using VR learning in person but also enabling learning scenarios on the computer for online learning and connecting learning stands in VR with BNW's Learner Experience Platform. It was particularly important to BNW to demonstrate VR learning in real-time, to incorporate gaming aspects combining theoretical knowledge with professional practice making VR learning suitable for as many different training and retraining programs as possible.

Digitizing Learning Programs

BNW embarked on a search for suitable partners, analyzing many providers and their services, finally choosing 3spin Learning as the provider that best met its requirements. The result was a successful partnership for learning with VR in 2022.
Electricity Virtual Reality Training

Our Solution

The combination of theory and practice allows newly acquired knowledge to be memorized faster, more sustainably and to be used later in everyday working life. Playful experimenting, in particular, stimulates attention, boosts motivation, and increases learning success. These elements form the basis for professional success.

With Virtual Reality, BNW relies on interactive learning content to give its participants in a wide range of training courses the best possible preparation for the demands of the professional world.

Electricity Virtual Reality Training

Customized VR Modules

Thanks to 3spin Learning's user-friendly authoring platform, BNW was able to develop customized VR modules for training courses such as office management or electrics, thus creating an innovative learning environment.

In these modules, participants learn, for example, how to lay cables, how to deal with short circuits and how to obtain important information on occupational safety. In the more advanced module, they are presented with the challenge of virtually getting a drive motor to run.

The Success

Increased Learning Efficiency

VR learning has improved the quality of the vocational training programs offered by BNW. Feedback from participants and teaching staff alike has been positive and shows that he BNW is on the right track with its digital strategy. In addition, BNW stands out from its competitors and presents itself as an innovative and forward-looking educational organization.

Widening The Range Of Educational Programs

BNW's next steps are now to further expand learning with VR in its educational programs, to create more learning scenarios, and to work with 3spin Learning on further development, such as the integration of AI as a learning aid. BNW appreciates the excellent collaboration with the 3spin Learning team, particularly with regard to the authoring tool, project management, and support.

Electricity Virtual Reality Training
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Better Learning Results With 3spin Learning

Significantly higher learning motivation and efficiency

Realistic VR experience provides learning experiences

Easy to use authoring tool reduces the development effort for VR learning scenarios

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