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Latest Features

Constantly New Features For Easier Workflow 

We optimize our product day by day. With new, streamlined features, we help you simplify your VR & AR training processes and tasks.

October 2022

Import Your 3D Models Easily

We added support for the GLTF file format, which is optimized for the Metaverse and can be exported directly from all leading 3D tools. All you need to do is: save your model as GLTF and directly upload it into 3spin Learning.

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August 2022

New Ways Of Organization

Draft your learning content in reusable units. Release units when they are ready for your audience. Organize multiple units in a course. Simply deliver your courses by enrolling learners.

Show Me How
June 2022

Help Always At Your Hand

New help functions include guided tours, how-to articles, and quick tutorials. Only one click away. Both in the app and in the WMS.

April 2022

Be Flexible With Variables

You can now use variables to store, recall or modify information within a learning unit. Count scores, keep track of errors, store states of objects, build timers, … just to keep things in mind. And to add a whole new level of sophistication to your learning experiences!

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March 2022

What if…?

Use the extended possibilities of checking conditions to build even advanced logic with ease. See if objectives are being met, if triggers are running, if objects are active or monitor variables, and let your learning experience react accodingly.

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January 2022

Extended Copy & Paste

Copy and paste anything anywhere. Select actions, triggers, objects, groups of objects or even entire scenes. Copy your good work and re-use it anywhere else to speed up your authoring process in a convenient way.

December 2021

Make Objects Behave The Way You Want

Add Behaviour to your learning contents to control if they are movable, collidable, teleportable and adjust their physical chracteristics. Change behaviours even at runtime.



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