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Latest Features

Constantly New Features For Easier Workflow 

We optimize our product day by day. With new, streamlined features, we help you simplify your VR & AR training processes and tasks.

December 2023

Customizable 3D Characters

Now, you can effortlessly create 3D characters using Ready Player Me and seamlessly integrate them into your training units. They offer unparalleled versatility, allowing you to position them sitting or standing, tailoring their interactions to your content. Explore our Beta Action Play Animation, empowering avatars with first animations for lifelike interactions with your learners. 

December 2023

More Engaging Learning with AI Dialogues and 3D Characters

Facilitate personalized learning experiences with authentic conversations and interactions between learners and 3D characters. Select from a wide range of voices, offering various English-speaking dialects, and various speaking styles. With Character Knowledges and Prompts, you can equip your 3D characters and Helper Companion with specific knowledge, enriching their conversational capabilities. 

November 2023

Apple Vision Pro Compatibility

Apple's Mixed Reality headset can be used as both a Virtual Reality and an Augmented Reality headset via built-in cameras. Apple Vision Pro is designed to be fully integrated with existing Apple products and opens up new possibilities for cross-device collaboration. Available now as a beta version upon request.

December 2023

Meta Quest 3 Compatibility

The Meta Quest 3 boasts a slim design and passthrough mode allowing users to experience both VR and AR with the same headset. This makes AR fully accessible to the public. Full support is now available on any Meta Quest supporting passthrough.

MEta Quest 3
HTC Vive Fokus 3
November 2023

HTC Vive Fokus 3 Compatibility

We have now added official support for the HTC Vive Focus 3 VR device to enhance your VR experiences. From now on, you can also use all VR training courses via the respective VR glasses. 

November 2023

Introducing Public Links Feature

You can now generate public links for your units, making it easy to share them via email or on your website. These links allow users to access and complete the units directly in the web app without requiring active login to the 3spin Learning platform.

Public Link for VR Training
November 2023

Explore Our New Template Category

Discover our latest template category, designed to streamline the process of configuring your training courses. These templates offer a user-friendly starting point, allowing for easy customization to meet your unique needs.

November 2023

Unlock Innovative Meeting Space

Discover our Spaces for collaboration, briefings, brainstorming, and team-building, enhancing engagement.

Meeting Rooms
Object Geometry
October 2023

Enhance Your Interaction with our New Enter Leave Trigger

Our brand-new Enter Leave Trigger Feature provides you with even more control and flexibility when interacting with your devices and applications. You can now choose between Object Area for pinpoint accurate actions and Object Geometry for a broader touchpoint.

October 2023

New Rotation Values for Enhanced Precision

With this latest update, you now have the power to easily set rotation values for assets and starting positions within your virtual environment in the WMS. Also, enjoy added control for precise asset placement in the VR world.

Background Sounds Control
October 2023

Seamless Background  Sounds Control in the Lobby

Thanks to the new Background Sounds Control feature, you have better control over your surroundings than ever before. Use the toggle in the settings to control the background sounds in the lobby according to your needs. Depending on the situation, you can switch the sound on or off.

October 2023

Streamline Your Asset Management Process

Our Replace All Instances Dialogue in Authoring offers a seamless and efficient way to replace all instances of a specific asset, making your workflow more intuitive and hassle-free.

VR Asset Management Process
September 2023

Helper Companion With Major Upgrade – Now AI-powered

Our Helper Companion just got smarter with AI integration. Tap the new microphone button to have AI Helper Companion, powered by ChatGPT, provide answers and engage in meaningful conversations. 
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September 2023

Our New Webapp – Say Hello To The Future Of Learning 

Our new Webapp allows learners to access courses and directly in your web browser, eliminating the need for extra app installs. 
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Learning records
August 2023

Customizable Learning Records

Discover new tracking opportunities in your LMS with our customizable Learning Records after connecting your LMS to the 3spin Learning xAPI interface. Use WMS configuration options to document and evaluate significant learning outcomes.

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August 2023

Powerful Data Insights & Export Options

Use our new statistics area in the WMS to track your training results. Admins and authors can find views of basic statistics and export data with individual evaluations. 
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Basic Stats
Juy 2023

Key Information At Your Fingertips

Good news for authors: Now you can easily access the credit information for all assets used in a learning unit. Keep track of the licenses of your learning materials.
July 2023

Seamless Integration With Sketchfab

Infuse your projects by effortlessly integrating captivating 3D assets. Search, choose, and import Sketchfab models directly within your WMS – no additional steps necessary. 
3d converter
Juy 2023

3D Model Integration Made Easy 

We designed our integrated 3D converter to streamline the import of 3D models. Load static GLTF, fbx, and obj 3D models into our 3D converter. The software automatically converts and loads your objects into your 3spin Learning Asset Library in one step.
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June 2023

Improved Learner Control with Observer Camera Control

Now you can manually switch between learners to gain deeper insights into their learning processes. For the best possible support, you can smoothly switch learners' perspectives in multi-player mode and have them displayed in the Observer. Simply use the user list to do this.

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June 2023

New Customizable Start Area

Start your training in an appealing lobby creating a pleasant and calm learning atmosphere. Customize the lobby with your company's or team's corporate identity and place your logo, for example. 
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June 2023

Hidden Menu Bar at Start

When starting your course, your menu bar is initially hidden in your VR glasses so that you can fully focus on the content. Forget all distractions and learn in a smooth learning environment. If necessary, display the menu at any time by simply pressing the X or A buttons on the controller. 
Helper Companion for Virtual Reality Training
May 2023

Feature Extension Of Our Helper Companion

With the new Follow User feature, the Helper Companion follows you without previously defined waypoints. The new feature allows the Helper to always be by your side, massively simplifying the training configuration.

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May 2023

Discover The Benefits of Customized Speech

Our text-to-speech feature provides customized speech. You can use six speakers in three different languages (English, German and French).

Text-to-speech for Virtual Reality
VR GuidedTour
May 2023

Easily Find Your Way With Our Guided Onboading Tours

Our guided onboarding tours support you to learn how to create efficient VR & AR learning courses in no time.

April 2023

Upload Assets Directly In Unit Now

You can now create new assets directly within each unit while authoring in our WMS without needing to exit the editing stage to upload new assets.

VR Assetupload
April 2023

Seamless Integration In External LMS

3spin Learning is now xAPI compliant enabling easy integration of a VR & AR Learning unit into an existing Lerning Management System and launching it from there.

April 2023

Ready Player Me Avatars With Lipsync

Individual Ready Player Me avatars can now be created free of charge directly in the WMS and assigned to users. These avatars move their lips in sync with the spoken word and are perfect for multi-user sessions in which employees actively work together in VR training.

VR Training Avatar
Multi User Feature
April 2023

Multiple Active Users

From now on, the triggers Click and Gaze along with all configured actions can be used by multiple participating students at the same time. This allows users in multi-user sessions not only to observe others, but to actively work and train together.

March 2023

New Free Library Section

We have added a new asset section to our free asset library. You can now search for and add 3D assets, markers, and environments such as warehouses, offices, and conference rooms to your asset library, allowing you to create your own VR training from a wide range of existing assets.

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VR Asset Library
meta quest pro-1
March 2023

Meta Quest Pro & PICO 4E Compatibility

We now also officially support both the Meta Quest Pro and PICO 4 Enterprise. From now on, you can use all our VR training sessions via respective VR glasses.

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February 2023

New Domain For Server URL

From now on, we will use our new domain name for your server URL. Instead of 3spin-dream.com, you can reach us via 3spin-learning.com. Don't worry, the old URL will be forwarded temporarily.

3d animation
February 2023

Use & Control Animations In glTF

Users can now use our new Play 3D Animation feature to integrate animations configured in glTF 3D files. As a result, you can now create even more dynamic and interactive VR training without relying on external programmers' help.

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January 2023

3D & 360-Degree Image Previews

To make things easier for authors, you can now open 3D previews for glTF files as well as 360-degree previews in your browser, rotate them and zoom in and out.

VR Training History
January 2023

Unit History & Deleting Unused Users

A unit's history now also displays the author's name indicating who last changed the unit. Users can also delete their own accounts or team admins can delete users in the team.

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December 2022

For More Precision

The Wait function allows the entry of two decimal places. This allows even more precise timing in the training configuration.

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2022.2 Wait
VR - New Draft System
November 2022

New Draft System

Now you can continue working on already published units without changing the published unit. This makes the process and the organisation of units easier. Labels always indicate the status of the unit.

October 2022

Import Your 3D Models Easily

We added support for the glTF file format, which is optimized for the Metaverse and can be exported directly from all leading 3D tools. All you need to do is: save your model as glTF and directly upload it into 3spin Learning.

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October 2022


We have changed our name from 3spin DREAM to 3spin Learning to better demonstrate that our VR & AR training software provides innovative learning content.

September 2022

Public Messages in VR Training

Users can now display short text messages in the training using our new feedback feature Message. This feature allows authors to provide their learners with more detailed and thus more valuable feedback on work assignments.

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VR Training Courses
August 2022

New Ways Of Organization

Draft your learning content in reusable units. Release units when they are ready for your audience. Organize multiple units in a course. Simply deliver your courses by enrolling learners.

Show Me How
July 2022

Changed Size & Position Properties

Easier handling of sizes and positions of scene objects in the WMS. From now on you can edit the sizes of e.g. 3D objects in the training configuration and align them with others.

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Virtual Reality Feature
VR Training Feature
June 2022

Help Always At Your Hand

New help functions include guided tours, how-to articles, and quick tutorials. Only one click away. Both in the app and in the WMS.

May 2022

More Options For Admins

Team administrators can now customize team names and update team roles and permissions for all to see.

VR Training Variable Module
April 2022

Be Flexible With Variables

You can now use variables to store, recall or modify information within a learning unit. Count scores, keep track of errors, store states of objects, build timers, … just to keep things in mind. And to add a whole new level of sophistication to your learning experiences!

Read 2022.1 Version's Release Notes
March 2022

What if…?

Use the extended possibilities of checking conditions to build even advanced logic with ease. See if objectives are being met, if triggers are running, if objects are active or monitor variables, and let your learning experience react accodingly.

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VR Training Feature
VR Toolbar Feature
February 2022

Improved Menu Bar

We have a new menu system in our menu bar. This is placed on the controller and equipped with practical features, such as the ability to exit the workout.

January 2022

Extended Copy & Paste

Copy and paste anything anywhere. Select actions, triggers, objects, groups of objects or even entire scenes. Copy your good work and re-use it anywhere else to speed up your authoring process in a convenient way.

December 2021

Make Objects Behave The Way You Want

Add Behaviour to your learning contents to control if they are movable, collidable, teleportable and adjust their physical chracteristics. Change behaviours even at runtime.



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