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VR & AR Industries

The Top Industries For AR & VR In Businesses

Discover the top industries driving AR & VR businesses to breakthrough success.

VR Industries

VR & AR As Growth Drivers

VR and AR offer industries immersive training simulations, improving learning, procedural skills, and safety. Integration enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and minimizes risks through realistic virtual experiences and improved training outcomes.

VR Pharma
VR & AR Pharmaceutical

How VR improves research

VR Medical
VR & AR Medical

Improved healthcare thanks to VR

VR Medical
VR Aviation
VR & AR Aviation

Optimized pilot training with VR & AI

VR Electricity
VR & AR Electricity

Towards a greener and safer future

Renewable Energies
VR Electric
VR & AR Electric

Working Towards A Greener Future With VR

Renewable Energies

01. Industry & Manufacturing

Within manufacturing, VR training can be used to train employees to operate machinery, maintain and service equipment, and comply with safety standards. They provide immersive experiences to replicate real work environments and improve understanding of complex processes.


02. Education & Research

Similarly, in education, VR training can enable learners to experience historical events, visualise complex scientific concepts or conduct virtual field trips. They provide an immersive learning experience that promotes engagement and understanding.


03. Sales & Marketing

VR training can help sales staff to present products or properties by offering virtual demonstrations and virtual tours. Potential customers can experience the features, functions and benefits of the products or properties in a realistic way.


04. Chemical Industry

Industries such as chemicals or mining can use VR training to train employees in safety-critical areas. These trainings can simulate dangerous situations and teach the correct behaviour in emergency situations without exposing the participants to actual risk.


05. Retail

VR training can train salespeople by enabling them to perform interactive simulations of sales scenarios, improve customer service skills and learn sales techniques.


06. Insurance Industry

In the insurance sector, VR training sessions make it possible to train insurance agents to prepare them for claims or accident investigations. VR allows them to experience realistic scenarios and learn claims management effectively.


07. Hospitality & Tourism

Here, VR training can be used for training in customer service, guest care and specific tasks such as bartending or room service. They can also provide immersive virtual travel experiences to attract potential tourists and showcase destinations.


08. Real Estate

VR training supports real estate agents and investors conduct virtual tours of properties, visualise floor plans and offer an immersive experience to potential buyers or tenants.

VR Industries

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