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Soft Skills & Corporate Leadership

How Virtual VR / AR & AI Boosts Soft Skills Within Companies

Unlock the potential of your leaders with immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality training and create stronger connections in the workplace.

Soft Skills Training

Paving the Way for Improved Soft Skills with VR / AR & AI

With VR / AR & AI, managers are able to put themselves in unfamiliar situations and experience crisis management, team leadership, conflicts, or strategic management decisions firsthand.

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Interactive 3D Object Templates for Easy Creation

Would you like to show how women feel in a meeting full of men without any real-life consequences? Or how team leaders best deal with conflicts?

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Affordable, effective and location-independent solution for training soft skills

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VR&AR Soft Skills Training
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We create innovative learning environments in which managers learn to face challenges in the real world with confidence.

Soft Skills

Offering Unique Sales Training

Virtual and Augmented Reality simulations provide sales employees with the necessary skills for their tasks. This enables them to improve sales talks with potential prospects, train to refute possible objections, and optimize their negotiating skills. 

They also learn to recognize upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

VR Soft Skills Training

VR / AR & AI Training for Customer Service

By using Virtual and Augmented Reality, employees can, for example, train social skills such as active listening and composure in complex and emotionally charged situations.

The trainees meet virtual avatars that represent angry or frustrated customers. Participants actively learn to respond to the customer's concerns, show empathy, and find suitable solutions to de-escalate the situation. In a safe environment, they experience the consequences of their respective decisions.

Soft Skills

VR / AR & AI Diversity and Inclusion Training

Thanks to Virtual and Augmented Reality, employees can experience situations from different perspectives and thus promote understanding and integration in the workplace, such as on topics of gender equality and equal rights, microaggressions, raising awareness of discrimination and social integration in the recruitment process and inclusion as well as LGBTQ+ integration.

VR simulations can foster teamwork and collaboration. Team members can work together virtually, solving challenges, and learning to communicate effectively to achieve common goals. This fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie within the team.

Ethical Decision-Making

Leaders often encounter ethical dilemmas. VR training can present employees with morally challenging situations, encouraging them to consider the ethical implications of their choices and develop a strong moral compass.

Crisis Management

Leadership training through VR can involve crisis simulations, where leaders must respond to emergencies and navigate through high-pressure situations and conflicts. This helps leaders develop composure, critical thinking, and quick decision-making skills during challenging times.

Communication Skills

VR training can assist employees in enhancing their communication skills by simulating various interactions with virtual characters, each presenting different communication challenges.

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