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VR / AR & AI In Medicine

Revolutionizing Healthcare Thanks to Virtual Reality

VR / AR & AI is permanently transforming the patient experience and making healthcare more operational and efficient.

VR Medicinal

For More Efficient And Precise Diagnosis And Treatment

VR Medincine


Better Performance

Medical students who trained using a VR simulator performed significantly better in surgery than those who did not receive VR medical training. (Academic Medicine Journal)


Less Pain & Anxiety

Patients who received VR distraction during a procedure reported significantly less pain and anxiety than those who received standard care. (Journal of Medical Internet Research

Do You Want to Improve Patient Care?

Our VR / AR & AI healthcare software is designed to help medical professionals learn and practice complex medical procedures more effectively and deliver personalised care.

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True-to-life simulations of medical procedures, diagnoses and treatments

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Ensure improved skills and patient outcomes

VR Medical and Healthcare
VR Stroke Healthcare

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Ensure your staff is fully prepared for risks and emergencies and practice hazardous situations safely. No programming knowledge is required — simply click & drop.

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VR Medical and Healthcare

Ensure Enhanced Medical Education

VR / AR & AI provide a safe and controlled environment where trainees can practice various procedures and surgeries without putting patients at risk. Medical professionals can practice operations, procedures, and treatments in a virtual environment, make mistakes without consequences, and repeat them until they master them.


Pfizer's Award-winning VR Stroke Training

In VR stroke training, junior doctors can practise life-saving stroke treatments safely in an interactive role play and receive direct feedback, regardless of location and without crowded hospital rooms.

Pfizer VR Training

Needs-based Therapies with VR / AR  & AI

VR / AR & AI allow patients to distract themselves from pain and anxiety during medical procedures. This reduces the need for sedation and increases the patient's well-being. VR also supports patients with phobias, anxiety disorders, or PTSD during stress therapies. For example, patients with a fear of flying can be gradually introduced to flight scenarios in a safe and controlled environment with the help of a VR simulation.

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VR Healthcare

For more Advanced Research

Studying human behavior, cognition, and perception with the help of Virtual and augmented Reality as well as Artificial Intelligence provides researchers with valuable insights into the way people interact with their environment. This leads to a better understanding of various medical conditions and the development of new treatments and therapies.

VR Pharma

More Effective Rehabilitation Activities

VR / AR & AI enable immersive and engaging rehabilitation exercises for patients with physical or neurological conditions. Virtual simulations depict real-life scenarios and movements that help patients regain their mobility and performance. This leads to faster and more effective rehabilitation. For example, a stroke patient can use a VR simulation to practice arm movements and improve their motor skills.

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