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No-Code Metaverse Features

Enabling Affordable VR / AR & AI Training Using Smart Features

Harness the future of learning today and create impactful and cost-effective VR / AR & AI training with our easy-to-use features.

VR Features

Your Learning Platform For VR / AR & AI Training

3spin Learning easily creates, distributes, and deploys unforgettable immersive experiences using a wide range of features.


Helper Companion

Our easily customizable virtual companion guides learners through training and supports independent learning. 


Success Report

One of our core features, Objectives, allows learners and trainers to track and measure progress.


Learn Together

Learners can access and partake in courses simultaneously, regardless of location.
For Authors

Intuitive Authoring

Create an immersive learning experience in a matter of hours that works automatically on VR & AR headsets and on regular desktop PCs. Our web-based no-code editor allows you to independently create, manage and deliver your own virtual and augmented reality training  without needing to program any line of code.
  • glTF Connection

  • Interactive Objects

  • Logic & Conditions

  • Asset Library

Import Low-Cost 3D Models With Ease

For the use of 3D models, the glTF ("GL Transmission Format") is now considered the "JPEG of the metaverse". Such files can be found in numerous 3D databases for cheap or even free of charge. By using glTF in our authoring tool you benefit from:

  • Import affordable 3D models from other databases
  • Fast loading times due to compact file sizes
  • Use your 3D models as often as you like without additional costs
  • Future-proofing due to a modern file format
GLTF Connection

Make Everything Come Alive

Do you already know "transparent hotspots" from web-based training courses? The Transparent Shape is the counterpart of the VR & AR world. Invisible to learners, the shape allows you as the author to assign interactions to it and place it in front of any other objects in the training that would not actually be interactive. This allows you to:

  • Bring any object to life
  • Display or play images, 3D models, or sounds
  • Adjust at any time without editing the objects
VR Transparent-Shape

Smart Up Your Training

Challenge learners by defining different decision paths again, without programming. Make your training more versatile and customized by adding Conditions"(conditionals). Depending on the actions of the learners you can:

  • Recognize right or wrong actions and give feedback
  • Make objects appear/disappear under conditions
  • Trigger scene changes
  • Ask and evaluate quizzes
VR Assignment tasks

3D Objects, Rooms & More Included

Browse our media library, which we are constantly expanding. You may already find objects suitable for your training such as:

  • Customizable hotspots
  • 3D shapes and 3D objects
  • Info or warning icons
VR Standard-Assets
For IT Departments

Easy Management 

Take advantage of our powerful immersive training management capability. Thanks to our many years of experience in the enterprise sector, we know exactly what is required and perfectly align the features of our platform with it. This makes VR & AR courses integrable and scalable with just a few clicks.
  • LMS Integration

  • Updates

  • User Management

  • Cloud Hosting

  • Data Security

LMS Integration

You would like to connect 3spin Learning to an appropriate Learning Management System? We can do just that and will gladly arrange an individual consultation with you.

  • Connection to popular LMS like Workday, Cornerstone, Docebo, or SAP SuccessFactors
  • LTI standard for easy and secure connection of learning applications and tools
  • Merge different L&D activities
VR LMS Integration

Hardware Compatibility & Updates

We support various devices like VR & AR headsets, but also simply desktop PCs (without glasses) for maximum compatibility and scaling. We offer:

  • Constant further development
  • Automatic updates via appropriate (business) stores
  • Compatibility with the latest device classes
meta quest pro-1

Manage Courses & Users

With our integrated user management, users can take on different roles such as administrator, author, or learner, even without an LMS connection. Each course can be individually assigned to learners who will only see published and assigned content.

  • Individually assigned VR & AR content
  • Different roles such as administrator, author, or student
  • Option to capture and further process learning outcomes
VR User Management

Scalable In The Cloud

Secure hosting of all training on Microsoft Azure enables flexible scaling on any number of devices worldwide. More than 3,500 cybersecurity experts help protect your data.

  • Flexible scaling
  • Easy update features in a web interface
  • Docker containers with flexible on-premises or cloud deployment
VR Cloud-Hosting

Your Data Is Important To Us

The protection of your data and your trust is very important to us. Therefore, we have implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of processing, which we are continuously developing.

  • ISO 27001 Certification
  • SSL Labs Rating A+
  • 256-bit strong encryption
  • EU-DSGVO compliant
  • Data center in Germany (Microsoft Azure)
VR Data Security
For Trainers

Location-Independent Deployment

With 3spin Learning, trainers can conveniently conduct VR & AR courses. Trainers benefit from interactive and location-independent courses in which trainees can participate flexibly and at any time while still being virtually connected with their trainers.
  • Learn Together

  • Desktop App

  • Success Report

  • Helper

Learning Together In The Metaverse

Multiple people can participate in the same training with their VR or AR glasses - remotely over the Internet or physically together in a classroom. In this way, multiple learners can observe each other's actions in training, or one trainer can oversee a scenario.

  • Trainers can supervise and support a course in Observer mode
  • Remote control can be used to trigger specific actions, such as loading a scene or playing an animation
  • A group of learners can observe individual learners via notebook or connected TV
VR Feature

Practical Learning Even Without VR Glasses

In this mode, the full functionality of the app is available on your PC. This allows you, as a learner, to conduct training alone or together on a network without using VR or AR glasses. If you have an authoring account, you can also edit your courses on your PC.

  • Each training is also controllable with a mouse & keyboard without further editing
  • Courses can be used by many learners in the company without the need to purchase hardware.
  • Authors can edit courses on their PC
VR Desktop Modus

Measure Learning Success

3spin Learning offers you an easy-to-use mechanism to measure success: A scene is considered successful if all objectives defined in it have been achieved. Each "action" in the training can be a learning objective. At the end of the training, the learner can receive a report on his success with respect to the training objectives.

  • Define a training objective with one click
  • Every action can be part of a learning objective
  • Measure learner success and provide feedback
VR Feature Success-Report

Empower Your Students

An easily configurable virtual companion can support your learners. This provides a sense of security and guides learners through the training - spatially, procedurally, and narratively.

  • Virtual assistant guides learners
  • Provide cues and instructions
  • Simplifies entry for "newbies" and makes it fun
VR Feature Helper-Companion

Get Support

Take your training programmes to the next level and develop your trainingcourses yourself with our easy-to-use modules.

VR Features


Prepare staff for procedures with the Connection module

Virtual Reality Features


Practise step by step different linear or non-linear processes

VR Features


Let 3D objects arrange, sort, and react to each other

Virtual Reality Features


Check learners' knowledge with our transparent triggers

How Would You Like Your Training To Develop?

3spin Learning keeps growing with your needs - without you having to "hire" us, we keep expanding our learning platform. We look forward to your feedback and further questions about our features. 

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Our Services

Thanks to our many years of collaborating in the field of VR & AR with internationally renowned clients such as Lufthansa, DEKRA and E.ON, we know how to develop cutting-edge virtual solutions and implement immersive training programs quickly and effectively.

VR Services

Easy Creation

Create VR & AR learning content on your own using our unique no-code platform.

Build Your Own
VR Starter Package

VR Starter Package

For a quick start, we offer complete consulting, and software licenses and hardware.
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VR Training Content

Customized Content 

3spin Learning or one of our certified partners can help you develop custom-fit training courses.
Customized Content

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