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As leading consultants and designers, we build tailor-made VR & AR learning courses with you, from conception to publication. The best thing about it? You can independently modify any of the training courses at any time.

Customized VR Training Courses
Consulting & Content Creation

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We deliver award-winning learning projects and measurable results.


Be A VR & AR Pioneer

Top-qualified professionals choose employers with modern and digital solutions. We support you with our expert knowledge from longstanding cooperation with industry-leading organizations such as Lufthansa, DEKRA or Avacon to provide real value with VR & AR.

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Reduced Exam Fail




Implemented VR / AR Projects

Using Agile Work Processes in 3D

For long-term, scalable solutions that will deliver on their promises in the future

We design your entire VR & AR content and cooperate with you throughout the entire process as equals.

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1. Introduction

Lean back and test the latest VR technology. We will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

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2. Concept

We provide you with detailed onboarding and our established SCRUM processes.


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3. Implementation

For a better overview: Our agile training implementation ensures transparent collaboration.

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You can rely on full support from our Customer Success Team.



Your All-Round Unique Service

This Sets Us Apart From Others

Our software simplifies many of your workflows.




>80 % Less Effort

Our ready-made modules of our no-code authoring platform allow the systematic creation of learning content and therefore accelerate the production time of learning content. There is no need for time-consuming and manual individual developments.

IT Connection Included

Thanks to our learning platform, you can create content in a web browser and view and edit it with an app via a PC or VR device. This makes it easy to distribute courses to hundreds of learners via the cloud with just one click.


Independent Creation

We also provide you with technical support after the end of the project and guide you through the process of making small changes independently and without additional costs.

Long-term Collaboration

We focus on transparent and trusting cooperation. We work together to develop your VR & AR learning experiences and keep the training up-to-date and with no expiry date.

Cross-sector VR & AR Solutions For Renowned Companies

Creating your own virtual learning experiences by simply click-and-dragging and delivering ready-to-use learning content has never been so easy. We show you how it's done.


Oil & Gas Industry

Fuel Delivery Process Training

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  • Spill prevention


Pharma & Medicine

Laboratory Work

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  • Laboratory preparation
  • Medical device cleaning


Basic Training Pilots 4.0 & Leading Sales Calls

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  • Basic pilot training
  • Leading sales conversations

Electricity & Renewable Energies

Learning Safety Rules

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  • Learning safety rules


Vehicle Maintenance

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  • Vehicle maintenance

Logistics & Transport

Secure Loading and Transport

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  • Safe transport of vehicles (lashing)
  • Safe loading of goods onto vehicles


Industrial Plant Operation

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  • Operation of an industrial plant

Technology & Telecommunications

Fire alarm system testing and processes

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  • Testing fire alarm systems

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