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VR & AR Electricity / Renewable Energies

Working Towards A Greener Future Using The Power Of VR

Lead your company into a sustainable future and make learning with Virtual Reality a thrilling eco-mission.

VR Electricity & Renewable Energies

Risk-free Learning With VR & AR

Studies show that VR and AR training in the field of renewable energies led to a significant learning effect increase of 30 % and to a 3.75 times higher emotional retention of the learning content compared to traditional training methods (PwC Study).

Prepare your employees for green technologies

Your employees can explore solar panels, wind turbines and hydroelectric plants in a virtual world, gain hands-on experience and deepen their understanding of renewable energy systems. Thanks to these technologies, real-life scenarios can be simulated, allowing employees to practice skills, navigate complex systems and make important decisions in a risk-free learning environment.


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VR & AR Outperform Face-to-face Learning

More and more companies are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable world thanks to VR and AR training.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Employee Satisfaction

Since learners rate VR training as more effective, 78% prefer VR learning (PwC).

Learner Flexibility

Easy and stress-free learning from any location.

Individual Learning

Thanks to VR training, learners can practise as long and as often as possible.

Improved Attention

Immersive 3D simulations promote higher attention and thus better concentration.

Boundless Learning

Learners can learn as many times as necessary with unlimited trial and error.

Classroom learning

Personal Interaction

Direct, personal communication allows immediate feedback.

Social Interaction

Group projects and teamwork promote a sense of community.

Familiarity & Comfort

The physical environment and personal interaction can provide a sense of stability and security.

Proven Teaching Methods

Established teaching methods ensure a comprehensive and organised learning experience.

Inflexible & Outdated

The attitude "We have always done it this way" is no longer enough to attract and retain trainees.

Convincing VR & AR Training


Higher emotional connection to the content


Faster learning progress compared to the classroom


More focused than other eLearning participants:

Let's Join Forces to Shape the World of Sustainable Technologies

Discover the limitless possibilities and start your journey to a greener future.

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VR Electricity & Renewable Energies
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VR & AR Use Cases In The Electrical Industry And Renewable Energy

VR Electricity & Renewable Energies

Virtual Tour

Virtual tours of renewable energy facilities such as solar and wind farms or hydropower plants.

VR Electricity & Sustainable Energies

Competence Development

Practice expertise, troubleshooting, or safety procedures in a safe and controlled environment.

VR Electricity & Renewable Energies

Maintenance & Repairs

Real-time data and instructions for optimised maintenance and repair processes.

VR Electricity & Renewable Energies

Attract More Young Talent With New Technologies

This is how Avacon has taken a step into the future of green technology.

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By using VR, AR and 360-degree technologies, companies can accelerate the shift to a more sustainable and renewable energy future.

Network Management & Energy Distribution

By providing visualisations and real-time data overlays for energy grid management, operators can monitor renewable energy system performance, track energy consumption and identify potential problems. This technology improves situational awareness and facilitates effective decision-making for efficient energy distribution.

Design & Planning

Immersive technologies help in the design and planning phase of renewable energy projects. Architects and engineers visualise and evaluate different layouts and the placement of solar cells or wind turbines and assess the impact on the environment.

Research & Development

To support research and development efforts in the electrical and renewable energy industries, scientists and engineers can use virtual environments to conduct experiments, simulate new technologies and test innovative concepts before physical implementation.

Public Relations & Education

VR and AR experiences can be used to educate the public about renewable energy concepts and the benefits of sustainable practices. Interactive virtual demonstrations and educational apps can raise awareness, promote engagement and support wider adoption of clean energy solutions.

How Do VR & AR Support Sustainability?

Using VR and AR, sustainability projects can be initiated, leading to improved awareness, more efficient planning, better training, remote collaboration, and behavioral change. For example, visualizations of the consequences of consumption patterns encourage more conscious consumption and sustainable lifestyles.


Improved Education

Immersive technologies simulate real-life scenarios and allow users to experience the environmental impact of different actions.


Sustainable Design

By creating virtual models of buildings, cities or infrastructures, renewable energy solutions and sustainable design concepts can be developed.


Environmental Training

VR and AR provide innovative platforms for training and upskilling workers for more accessible and engaging sustainability practices.


Smaller CO2 Footprint

Decentralised cooperation eliminates the need for business trips, minimizes the associated carbon dioxide emissions and saves time and resources.

Obviously, energy is needed for the use of VR and AR technologies. The hardware components, such as VR glasses and AR devices, only work if they are powered, and the computing power required to display immersive experiences can also consume energy. In addition, the manufacturing and disposal of VR/AR devices can have an impact on the environment.

Continuous Improvements

Nevertheless, we need to consider the overall impact of VR and AR compared to alternative measures. As VR and AR technology evolves, so does the improvement of their energy efficiency. Manufacturers are working to develop more energy-efficient hardware and optimize software algorithms to minimize power consumption.

Energy Efficiency & Resource Conservation

VR and AR technologies themselves are becoming more energy efficient over time. Hardware advances, such as the development of lightweight headsets and energy-saving displays, are helping to reduce power consumption. In addition, VR and AR can facilitate energy-efficient planning, resource optimisation and behaviour change by simulating real-world scenarios.

Less Travel & Less Carbon Footprint

Virtual collaboration, meetings and conferences eliminate the need for long-distance travel for meetings, events and training. This leads to a significant reduction in carbon emissions associated with travel.

Environmental Protection & Awareness Raising

As a powerful educational tool, the software can raise awareness of environmental issues and promote sustainable behaviour. Users can understand the impact of their actions on the environment and develop a sense of environmental responsibility.

Nature Conservation & Preservation

VR and AR support the protection and conservation of natural habitats and cultural sites. By creating virtual replicas and immersive experiences, these technologies allow access from afar and eliminate the need for physical visits that could disrupt fragile ecosystems or sensitive structures.

VR Electricity & Renewable Energies

Bottom Line

The electric renewable energy metaverse represents a space where people are inspired, educated & empowered on their journey to a greener future.

Turn learning into an exciting green mission where your young talents feel at home in the digital playground. VR and AR provide an innovative platform for your business, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. In this way, innovation is encouraged and sustainable energy solutions are driven forward.

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