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360-Degree Training Guide

What Is 360-Degree Training And Is It Worthwhile Using Them?

Provide holistic training and bring engaging 360-degree training to your organization.

360-Degree Training

You've probably used Google Street View to explore different locations. Thanks to 360-degree photos or videos, you can leverage these very same panoramic views. For example, companies have been using this technology for virtual in-house tours of their premises for years.

Unlimited Potential

The potential and technology behind 360-degree videos or photos are impressive and can be achieved with little effort. For example, 360-degree photos or videos allow viewers to interact with an image and capture the entire environment with the camera.

High Level Of Interaction

As a result, they differ from traditional photos and videos in that they allow users to experience environments as if they were present - standing in the front row of a concert, for example, or in the driver's seat of a race car.

New Possibilities

Immersive video and photos offer endless possibilities and have become indispensable in the world of corporate training.


Today's Market Situation Of 360-Degree Training

With many conventional cameras becoming obsolete, 360-degree cameras are becoming more and more important. For example, they are already being used at numerous training sessions and events such as sporting events and festivals.

According to market research and consulting firm Precedence Research, the global 360-degree camera market is expected to be valued at around $4.64 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 21.3% from 2022 to 2030.

360 Degree Training

What Are 360-Degree Videos And Photos?

360-degree videos consist of video recordings of a real panorama in a wide-angle view. The view in all directions is recorded at the same time and captured with an omnidirectional camera or many cameras.

Choose Your Viewing Direction 

As a result, viewers can determine the viewing direction themselves. Online training works like VR video, except that a VR headset is needed for VR Training, while this is not necessary for 360-degree videos or photos.

Full Image

Anyone can create 360-degree photos or videos with the appropriate equipment. A custom-built 360-degree camera has usually two or three lenses each pointing in a different direction. The images taken by each lens are stitched together by the camera to create a complete 360-degree image.

360-Degree Training Advantages

360-degree photos and videos can be viewed with or without VR glasses. They offer a high level of usability and interaction: viewers are in control of their experience and can select the content and perspectives they need, which in turn leads to higher engagement. The main benefits include capturing all viewpoints, increased engagement, and improved storytelling.

Greater Learning Impact

As an interactive learning experience, 360 degree Training provides teachers with an ideal platform for sharing experiences and an overall more effective and sustainable learning process.

Easier Accessibility

Virtual videos and photos provide students with personalized learning experiences that can minimize distractions using additional tools such as headsets.

Interactive Tours

360 degree learning videos or photos are a great way to demonstrate your premises and services to people.


Immersive 360-degree formats are effective because users can easily access them from their devices, and pause or replay videos anytime.

Less Costs And Resources

Without the need for face-to-face events, costs and resources are conserved.

Performance Reports

Extracted data helps improve the offering and create unique and engaging content. 

360-Degree Training Disadvantages

Even though 360.degree Training offers many advantages, the following disadvantages should also be taken into account:

As a pioneer of 360-degree Training and Virtual and Augmented Reality, we at 3spin Learning know exactly which technology is essential and provide you with the right solution. We will be pleased to advise you on the many possibilities of our software.

Possible Technical Limitations

Streaming high-definition 360-degree video content requires a stable and fast Internet connection, as large amounts of data must be transferred.



Buffering of video content may be compromised if the software of the 360-degree webcasting solution does not meet the requirements. This would limit the usability of the videos and could lead to dissatisfaction.


Learn With 3spin Learning How To Build And Deploy 360-Degree Learning Content Without Code

You would like to learn how to scale from pilot project to a multi-site implementation across your organization with just one solution? Let us help you  turn your training programs into immersive virtual experiences tailored to the needs of your business and industry.

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360-Degree Storytelling

What Is 360-Degree Storytelling?

360-degree content is an excellent medium for storytelling. It conveys powerful and engaging stories to viewers and evokes positive associations. They immerse users deeper into the learning experience and leave a lasting impression.

Virtual Storytelling

The storytelling approach is one of the most common uses of 360-degree content, making use of it for more than commercial brand perceptions. For example, some charities have used 360-degree videos to tell stories about their mission.

Scope Of Use Of 360-Degree Training

Research indicates that training and instructing professionals on a new product or service is 30% more effective with 360-degree videos and photos than with 2D animated videos. Subsequently, most business leaders are now turning to this VR world as it can reduce the time-consuming organization of meetings and workshops. 360-degree videos and photos are best suited to illustrate complex situations, such as in the healthcare sector, which are difficult to depict with images.
Occupational Health & Safety 

Occupational Safety

Prepare employees for procedures and sources of errors.

360-Degree Training
Training 4.0


Personalize your vocational training.

Training 4.0
360-Degree Training


Getting new employees up to speed faster & cost-effectively.

More 360-Degree Training Options


Immersive videos for surgical education and training show trainee doctors a surgical procedure with a full 360-degree view of the entire procedure.

Real-world Compliance Exercises

Online compliance or corporate policy training can be made more interactive and demonstrative, showing compliance protocols in action.

Technical Skills

Teach your employees how to assemble products or complicated machines using digital simulations.

Product Demonstrations

This technology can be of great benefit, especially in team training sessions. For example, instead of reading instruction manuals, you can follow along using a visual example.

Human Resources

Similarly, virtual tours of offices help job candidates and new employees to get an idea of their new employer.

Collaborative Webinars

360-degree immersion makes online learners feel like they are part of the audience, actively participating in the conversation, allowing questions to be demonstrated live.

Virtual Reality Case Studies

Case studies and real-world examples turn stories into realistic environments available for exploration and analysis.

Real Estate Industry

This sector also benefits from virtual tours of construction sites, properties, etc.

360-Degree Training
Just A Few Steps To 360-Degree Training

How Does 360-Degree Training Software Work?

Each asset consists of either an equirectangular 360-degree video or photo and can be used as a customized environment in training courses. Such virtual methods are the core elements of the 3spin Learning platform and are created in the Web Management System (WMS) and used in the 3spin Learning app. Within this, there are three types of training courses, which are categorized according to their output format. This in turn determines the basic structure of training.



To get to know each other and agree on the content.


On-site Recording

Performed by us or you.



Complete the online learning modules in our help center.



Complete the online learning modules of our Helpcenter.

Steps to 360 degree videos

360-Degree Training Courses in Just a Few Steps

Design 360 training courses with our learning platform and modify them later with just a few clicks - no code required.
Build Your Own
3spin Learning Platform

“An inspiring project. And the students benefit from a great, innovative training element.”

– Janna Bents, Head of Theoretical Training, Lufthansa Aviation Training

Mehr über das 360° Training

Which Equipment Do I Need For 360-Degree Photos And Videos?

A wide range of devices is available for viewing individual photos and videos. The recordings can be viewed on a computer by panning through the video with the mouse pointer during playback.

Full Functionality

In addition, videos on a tablet or smartphone work just as well as the classic virtual reality headsets, such as an Oculus Rift or an Oculus Quest.

360-Degree Training
360-Degree Training

Costs Of A Successful 360-Degree Training

Prices for customized 360-degree Training content are usually not accurate and customized training materials vary depending on requirements and the level of complexity required, such as the quality of the 3D modeling.

Free Trial Version

For an introduction to the product, a free trial version is suitable to get to know the software and all-round images. Still, usually, this trial training do not allow a full insight into all features of a 360-degree Training program.

Customized Content

Software solutions like 3spin Learning offer the use of 360 Training at low annual platform fees, and we offer both standard and customized options with our partners. Our team of experts would be pleased to advise you on the costs of a 360-degree Training.

Scale Training

How Can I Scale 360-Degree Training?

For successful scaling, content creation as well as various management, operational, and distribution aspects need to be considered. Using an authoring tool, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments and, thanks to cloud distribution, download all online training with just one mouse click.

Process Large Volumes Of Data

This makes it possible to create and process large volumes of data and reach a greater number of employees.

VR Training
Support With A Learning Platform

Easy Deployment With Our No-code Platform 3spin Learning

We help your organization create your interactive training courses with 360-degree panoramic photos and videos. Thanks to 3spin Learning, you can upload your own photos and videos or choose from our library. We help you add interactive elements and accompany you with step-by-step tutorials for business processes.

Improved Learning Outcomes

As long-time experts with extensive know-how of 360-degree training, we know what companies need to improve their employees' learning experience. We or one of our certified service partners provide support in creating training and respond flexibly to individual needs.

360-Degree Training
360-Degree Training

Build And Deploy VR & AR Learning Content Without Code

So you have an idea for 360-degree training in your company? As an expert in mixed reality learning, we at 3spin Learning are happy to support you in developing your software concept.

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Organizations Using 3spin Learning For Their 360-Degree Training

Hochschule Ravensburg

How Do I Create 360 Videos And Photos?

Creating with 3spin Learning is a breeze. When you choose 3spin Learning, you can simply select the type of training you want and add or configure the objects. Then you position the objects in the app and test your training.

Where Can I Download Free 360-Degree Footage?

There are many content libraries for 360-degree photos on the web and we are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Is My Data Safe With 3spin Learning?

The protection of your data is very important to us. That is why we use state-of-the-art and GDPR-compliant data security.

How Many Employees Can Train With 3spin Learning?

Our learning platform is not limited to a certain number of learners.

Can I Do A Free Trial Training With 3spin Learning?

During your face-to-face demo, we will introduce you to 3spin Learning for free and you may also participate in a training session yourself if you are interested. Request a demo appointment today.

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