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Our Story

When Oliver Göck & Thomas Hoger first met at university in 2004, there were no smartphones, Facebook had just been founded and the future inventor of Oculus was only 11 years old – and yet Thomas & Oliver already developed their first Augmented Reality applications.

3spin Learning Team

“Lost and Found”

After graduation Thomas & Oliver stayed friends but went separate ways professionally – Oliver co-founded a digital agency, Thomas built up a digital unit in a marketing agency – until they re-joined forces in 2014.

At that time, the two first decided on a new direction for the digital agency, which they now owned jointly. The main focus? Augmented and Virtual Reality, of course.

3spin Learning Team

Thomas & Oliver 2015 with one of their first commercial VR applications in Berlin


“3spin Learning” – The Dream Of An Immersive Learning Platform

Oliver & Thomas are not only connected by their common digital background, both strongly believe that learning is the key for what people can achive in life.

After they won their first learning projects in 2015, they realized that the challenges to harness the power of VR & AR were always similar and should be solved as a whole. Thus, in 2020 Thomas & Oliver co-founded “3spin Learning” (at that time still under the name „3spin Learning“) and fulfilled their dream of an EdTech company and platform which allows immersive learning for everyone.

3spin Learning is the best tool for VR / AR training creation and distribution

Institute for Immersive Learning, Learntec, 2020

Strong Together: The 3spin Learning Team

Today, the 3spin Learning team consists of some 30 passionate colleagues who have set themselves the goal of changing the way people learn: Practically, safely, anywhere in the world and at low cost.

The team has years of experience working together – developing, designing and organizing highly individual and difficult app, web and “XR” projects. Only because of this diverse knowledge, ambition and friendship it was possible to build a platform which turns complex problems into a simple solution: 3spin Learning.

3spin Learning Team

The “3spin Learning team“ – passionate developers, designers, project managers & founders