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VR / AR & AI Starter Package

Your All-in-One Access Into Virtual Training 

Create comprehensive VR / AR & AI learning experiences with our straightforward, all-in-one solution – without needing to write one line of code.

VR Starter Package
VR / AR & AI Starter Package

Our All-In-One Solution

For easy access within the captivating VR / AR & AI world, we provide comprehensive consulting and set-up services.

"Pilot Premium" License

12 months "Pilot Premium" license on our no-code authoring tool.

Introduction & Consulting

3 days with our specialists for conception, 3D modeling, authoring, and much more.


Optionally we organize a hackathon in which your employees independently create  learning courses and  become VR / AR content creators.

Onboarding & Support

Platform onboarding on how to use VR glasses & software properly plus intensive support during the entire runtime.

VR Glasses

VR glasses with pre-installed software.

VR & AR Innovation Company

Receive our "VR Learning Innovation Company" certificate.

Benefit From Our Starter Package

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Making it easy and affordable to get started in VR / AR & AI

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No time-consuming purchasing processes with multiple service providers

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Single source of truth

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Turn your trainees into content creators

VR & AR Starter Package
VR Starter Package

VR / AR & AI Starter Package

Available at a total price of € 9,900 plus VAT

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Inspirational Day for Trainers

In a carefully curated program, your trainers will dive into the many possibilities of 3spin Learning. Designed specifically to provide a deeper understanding of VR, 360° & AR technologies and their application in education.

VR & AR AR Starter-Paket


Inspirational Day for Trainers

Open the doors to a new dimension of learning. Our Inspirational Day not only provides training, but is an experience that inspires your trainers to actively shape the future of education.

3spin Learning advantages

Increase motivation to learn

Accelerated knowledge transfer

Learning experiences that will be remembered

Why 3spin Learning Is Your Perfect VR / AR  & AISolution

Our state-of-the-art learning platform backed by long-term support ensures your VR / AR & AI training integration is successful.

avacon VR Training

done_black_24dp (1) Shorter training times less travel costs

done_black_24dp (1) Less downtime and lost work

done_black_24dp (1) Decrease in incorrect operations, waste, and post-processing

done_black_24dp (1) Complete data visualization

done_black_24dp (1) Automated documentation

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Your One-stop Resource For VR / AR & AI Learning

We look forward to talking to you to explore the many ways 3spin Learning can be used. Get started now with our intuitive VR / AR & AI Starter Package.

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Customers Relying On Our VR & AR Expertise

Hochschule Ravensburg

Further Services

Our many years of working with our well-known clientele such as DEKRA and Lufthansa have enabled us to refine our features, development processes, and delivery methods, making us the industry expert in Germany to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of VR and AR training in your organization. 

VR Training Services

Tailor-made Content 

Customized Content
VR Webinars

VR & AR Webinars

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