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Interactive 360-Degree Tours

Digitized Hands-On Content At Avacon / E.ON

This is how E.ON power grid operator Avacon succeeded in safely preparing more than 200 trainees at six different facilities for their day-to-day work and significantly reducing travel costs thanks to our virtual reality platform.

Avacon 360 Degree Tour
Avacon 360 Degree Tour
Avacon 360 Degree Tour

“With 3spin Learning we can create immersive training on our own, easily, and individually, depending on the specific requirements.”

— Kevin Schmidt (Avacon / E.ON)

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Daily work with electricity is a given at Avacon. However, training for corresponding operations presents great dangers, especially for young individuals. Hands-on learning with live objects is an almost impossible, but important objective. With "XR", practical content can be digitized for the first time - however, until now, a high level of effort was required for the creation due to programming.




By using 3spin Learning's authoring tool, trainees can now "click" their own learning courses as they would in PowerPoint. In this way, photo-realistic 360-degree tours of plants and training courses on operating equipment are created using VR. Process and safety instructions can also be overlaid "on-the-job" using AR when looking at the real world.




Trainees at six sites have already created more than 30 learning courses. More than 200 trainees can now safely prepare for everyday life as electronics technicians including topics such as "Five Safety Rules," "Switching Operating Equipment," and "Escape Routes and Fire Protection." Travel costs have also been reduced, as the training courses can be held anywhere and at any time.