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Saving Time, Nerves And Costs When Implementing VR & AR

Discover our VR & AR software, create compelling content and access all the hardware you need in one learning platform.

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Set Your Organization Up For Success

3spin Learning offers as Software-as-a-Service the perfect solution for every use case enabling an easy and cost-efficient start. 

VR & AR Starter Package

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Customized Content

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VR & AR Webinars

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VR & AR Starter Package

Making Your Start Easy

To get started quickly and easily without lengthy purchasing processes with numerous service providers.

Single source of truth

No coding knowledge required

VR & AR Starter Package

Including 1st consultation, licenses, VR glasses with pre-installed software & onboarding sessions with our experienced Customer Success team including instruction on how to use the device and support

VR Services
VR & AR Services

Award-winning VR & AR Content

Customized Content Creation 

Get us or our partner companies to create, manage and deliver your VR and AR training.

Full management provided by us

Measurable results

Perfect for handling demanding requirements

Network of specialized service providers

VR & AR Webinars

All About Immersive Learning

See how your organization can benefit from VR & AR by integrating the tools into your global learning strategy.

Important steps to implement VR and AR

Latest industry insights

Best use cases scenarios

Demonstration of measurable learning outcomes

VR Webinar
Our Service Range

Further Services

Or would you just like to use our learning platform? Learn more about the benefits for your business here.

Platform Onboarding

Onboarding includes a live interactive training session, allowing participants to become "VR & AR Learning Experts" with official certification.

Enterprise Support

For more support, we provide assistance with technical integration, course creation and delivery, and the generation of assets such as 3D models, graphics, and sounds.

IT Integration

We provide support for specific needs such as single sign-on for existing Windows logins or sending success measurements from our learning courses back to your LMS.

Requested Features

We work with Scrum agility in our product development and react quickly to urgent needs and customized features with flexibility.

Rent & Buy Hardware

Try out 3spin Learning and VR headsets on a small scale: Take advantage of our rental service, which we offer together with our partners.

Consulting & Workshops

Innovative technology often requires upskilling your organization to the best use cases, 360 degrees, VR or AR and the right hardware. We advise on immersive learning scenarios.

Upskilling Talks

At renowned events such as L&D Pro, LEARNTEC, or the VRARA Training Summit, we share insights and opportunities around learning with VR & AR.

Hackathon Team Events

We enable your employees to create immersive content in the shortest possible time - at the same time, the hackathon acts as an innovative and motivating team event.

Get To Know Our Partners

GMeet our certified partners to try out the software and devices before you decide to make a major purchase. Or are you already at the point of purchasing a larger quantity of headsets? We happily refer you directly to one of our renowned partners.
Our Partners
Preparing Employees For The Metaverse

Avacon Hackathon Team Event 

At our Hackathon team events, we create learning content enabling your employees to create immersive content in a very short time (1-2 days).

Inspiring Event

After a short training session, employees create VR and AR courses in small groups based on a given task.

Smart Features For Smart VR & AR Training

Get ready access to a myriad of features to create your own VR & AR training. Our learning platform also offers numerous basic LMS features and can be integrated with your existing LMS, e.g. Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Cornerstone or Moodle. We look forward to advising you.
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