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Saving Time, Nerves And Costs When Implementing VR & AR

Discover our VR & AR software, create compelling content and access all the hardware you need in one learning platform.

VR & AR Services
Award-winning VR and AR Solutions and Services

Our Most Popular VR & AR Services

3spin Learning offers as Software-as-a-Service the perfect solution for every use case enabling an easy and cost-efficient start. 

VR & AR Services


Tailor-made Content

Let us or our partner organizations advise, create, manage and deliver VR and AR training sessions.

Full management provided by us

Network of specialized service providers

Perfect for demanding requirements

Measurable results

VR & AR Services


Starter Package

Fast and easy access without lengthy purchasing processes involving numerous service providers.

No coding knowledge required

VR glasses with pre-installed software

Software licences


VR & AR Webinar


VR & AR Webinars

We show you how your organization can benefit from VR & AR by integrating the tools into your global learning strategy.

VR & AR Implementation

Latest industry insights

Best use cases scenarios

Measurable learning outcomes

Services We Offer


We have successfully implemented well over 100 VR & AR projects. We have reduced exam failure rates, shortened learning time, increased safety and helped to cut costs.

Platform Onboarding

Training onboarding includes a live interactive training session, enabling participants to become officially certified "VR & AR Learning Experts".

Enterprise Support

We provide support for technical integration, course creation and delivery, and the creation of assets such as 3D models, graphics and sounds.

IT Integration

We provide support for individual requirements such as single sign-on for existing Windows logins or returning success measurements from our learning courses to your LMS.

Optional Features

During product development, we work according to the agile Scrum system allowing us to respond quickly and efficiently to pressing requirements and tailor-made features.

VR & AR Services
VR & AR Cnsulting
Services We Offer


Prepare your employees for the metaverse.

Consulting & Workshops

Cutting-edge technology often requires upskilling within your organisation to the best use cases, 360-degrees, VR or AR and the right hardware. We provide consulting on immersive learning scenarios.

Upskilling Talks

At renowned events such as L&D Pro, LEARNTEC, or the VRARA Training Summit, we discuss background information and opportunities related to learning with VR & AR.

Hackathon Team Events

Our Hackathon programme enables your employees to create immersive content in the shortest possible time while at the same time acting as an innovative and motivating team event.

Rent & Buy Hardware

Try out 3spin Learning and VR headsets on a small scale: Take advantage of our rental service, available in cooperation with our partners.

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