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Use the future of learning today

Shifting Into Turbo Gear With Virtual Training

Bring your learning programs to life with immersive learning scenarios all without writing a single line of code.
VR Learning
Training With VR & AR Learning

How VR & AR Will Shape The Learning Of The Future

Enhancing your courses with Virtual and Augmented Reality, you can convey complex or potentially dangerous content anywhere in a practical way, making it more memorable, safer and cost efficient.


Easily Retain Learning Content

Due to practical training


Safety Training

For dangerous situations


Less Expensive Training Measure

Across locations without additional travel

Discover New Opportunities With VR & AR Training

Our powerful Virtual and Augmented Reality learning platform is designed to increase trainees' motivation to learn and reduce training costs.

2.3 x

Increased emotional
connection to content

>50 %

Lower costs compared to classroom

275 %

Increased confidence in applying the new skills

4.0 x

Faster training completion compared to classroom


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Augmented Reality Training

Augmented Reality Training with Lufthansa

Lufthansa Cargo uses 3spin Learning & AR to reduce the exam failure rate from 36% to just 7%.


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The Better Reality

Long-term Embedded Learning Content

VR & AR training is not only superior to other forms of digital and classroom training – it can even be better than learning in the “real world”.

Fewer Setup And Travel Costs

In reality, dangerous training situations are often not feasible or can cause significant setup and travelling costs. Also, trainings can often only be done once because of those restrictions.

Great Training Results

Using AR & VR any situation can be practiced safely anywhere with potentially unlimited repetitions, which are one of the main drivers of training success.


How To Use VR & AR As A Training Platform

VR Learning
Virtual Reality Training

Everything You Need To Know About VR Training

The key to modern training methods.
Augmented Reality Training

Why Every Organization Needs AR Training

Expand your reality with AR training.
360-Degree Training

What's 360-Degree Training And Is It Worthwhile Using them?

Create engaging online training.

Easily Create, Distribute And Deploy VR &  AR Learning Content Without Programming

Let us provide support for these challenges and ensure that organizations reduce costs in the short and long term. Besides, effective VR Training doesn't necessarily have to stand on its own, but can be part of a blended learning program where different training modalities are used to achieve the learning objectives. Learn more about how 3spin Learning can help you achieve this.
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