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OHS Training With VR / AR & AI

Boosting Health And Safety In The Workplace With VR / AR & AI

Occupational health and safety training within a Virtual and Augmented Reality framework with the help of AI supports employees in effectively solving complex challenges and ensures maximum safety.

Virtual Reality Training

Occupational Health and Safety Management

With our learning platform, you don't need any programming skills to create unique VR / AR & AI learning content: Users can work directly in the authoring tool and make adjustments at any time.

VR & AR training for occupational safety

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Due to high scalability

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More sustainable learning effects

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Far fewer

Accidents and production downtime

Interactive 3D Object Templates for Easy implementation

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Prepare your employees in the best possible way for risks and emergencies

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Simulate real-life hazardous situations with our extensive asset library

VR Occupational Health and Safety
VR Health and Saftey

Identify Hazardous Situations and Handle Them Risk-Free

Thanks to VR or Augmented Reality, employees learn without getting into potentially dangerous situations, e.g. in a firefighting simulation.

In VR / AR & AI training courses, learners show full physical commitment to develop their spatial awareness and visual object recognition skills, which are essential in the work areas.


DEKRA Provides its Customers with Optimum Training Support

Thanks to VR, DEKRA offers corporate trainees ingenious work preparation that is difficult to simulate in reality.

DEKRA VR Training
dekra VR Training

VR / AR & AI Training for Emergency Response

Virtual and Augmented training as well as Artificial Intelligence are ideal for emergencies. The training scenarios are carried out in a safe environment, but still convey an authentic feeling. 

Health and Safety at work

VR / AR & AI Training for Better Safety Awareness

Staff need to be retrained quickly and flexibly. VR training enables employees to gain a better understanding of the production facilities and their technical regulations, as well as the necessary preparations for personal protective equipment (PPE).

DEKRA Fire protection

Greater Learning Success with VR / AR & AI Onboarding and Training

Virtual and Augmented reality as well as Artificial Intelligence offer a safe environment, greater learning success, and fewer risks. This means that staff do not have to transport heavy equipment to a special training location or even factor in downtime.

VR Health and Safety


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