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Learn How to Create Next-Gen VR Training Fueled by AI

Fancy an extra dose of reality in your VR training courses? Then sign up for our webinar waiting list and discover how easy it is to integrate AI-powered avatars with dynamic chat flow features into your training.

Webinar for AI generated AI Training

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Duration: 1 hour


Welcome To The Era Of AI Avatars

Forget elaborate chat flow concepts and scripted dialogues. Discover a new dimension of soft skills training opportunities with easily configurable, AI-controlled dialogues and avatars. In our webinar, you'll learn how to add AI-generated avatars to your VR training and let artificial intelligence do the work for you.

Discover how you can integrate human characters into your VR training sessions thanks to customizable AI-controlled avatars.

Get to know the fast and straightforward VR configuration and discover our new template category and meeting spaces.

We will answer all your questions about VR training and AI-controlled avatars live.

AI Avatars
Create your own VR Training

Creative VR Training Made Easy

Plus, our experts will show you how to effortlessly develop immersive VR & AR training courses.

FAQ Session

During this live event, you will be able to address any queries you may have regarding VR and AR, allowing you to take the first steps toward introducing cost-effective and scalable training solutions to your organization.